The Imperial Policy of Russia and Ways of Opposing

In recent years the Ukrainian society has survived and continues to survive a series of shocks from the side of our northern neighbor-Russia, whose political leadership can not in no way get rid of neo-imperial ambitions with a claim for status of “the third Rome”. Sure thing, that,   mildly speaking, the Moscow “unfriendly” attempts have the essential influence on the further development of the situation in Ukraine. And, if earlier the Kremlin accentuated on the affirming its own positions in the south, east and center of Ukraine, then since recently” the Russian trap” started to manifest itself in the west of Ukraine in the sense of the internal political situation slacking in this country.

The power of the RF, in the best traditions of the Soviet one continues to resort to the terror at the state level in all its manifestations- physically exterminating certain political and public figures, destroying important defense and infrastructure facilities, provoking the emergence of interstate tension, inciting of some subjects of the international relations to confrontation with Ukraine.  As for the latter, Moscow is, henceforth, using both old forms and methods of the Stalin times and “cold war”. The only thing that has got changed is the ideological attitudes: if earlier the so called “class principle” was used as the main factor, then nowadays it has transformed itself into interethnic factor (as the variant inter-religious one).

With the purpose to enforce the anti-Ukrainian spirits in Europe and to distract attention of the   world community from the aggression in Ukraine, Moscow is further trying to accentuate on the Ukrainian-Polish ethnic confrontation in the period of World War II, using herewith the elements of the “hybrid war”. By way of deception and terror the RF power is trying to create false conviction first of all in polish community when speaking about commitment by “Ukrainian nationalists and Bandera militants” pressure on the activists and members of polish minority, committing of the vandalism actions at the memorial sites to those Poles, who had died in the period of two world wars in Western Ukraine. Since the 29 March of this year Russia has opened a new page in the preparation and commission of the provocations with the aim to decrease the positive dynamics and workings out in the Polish-Ukrainian intergovernmental dialogue and its turning into a plane of confrontation.

In particular, Russia (and it is realized by both representatives of polish political elite and majority of the ordinary Poles) has inspired Shelling of the Consulate General of the RP, in advance “appointing” “Bandera-fascists, for which the anti-polish idea is the sense of their existence” as the executors of the attempt.

On the same day Moscow organized under Polish flags the action to block the international route L’viv-Rava-Rus’ka  ( by the way, neither Polish nor Ukrainian general public knew about the incident on the CG of the RP). The members of the “piquet” hold in their hands banners and posters with provocative inscriptions “No to Holocaust of Poles”, “ Volyn in the hearts”, and others, that, evidently, demand the decisive measures from law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. In half an hour before the action began, the page “Polish L’viv “ had appeared in one of the social network. And here the video was published immediately. Also, the unknown wrote about a holocaust of Poles. Herewith, the members of the ethnic Poles society, who act in Volyn, were not participants of the action.

The recent incident involving an attempt to smuggle Russian gun ship from this country into Poland by two of our compatriots through international car checkpoint with the subsequent publicity of the event in Russian publications www. should be considered as another element of the hybrid war of Russia against Ukraine. This incident is nothing but an outright compromise of Ukraine from the RF at the global level to create “corresponding” resonance, which, according to the Kremlin calculations, has to influence on the adoption of the final decision as to providing Kyiv with visa-free statute.

 One wonders-are the above events being an accidental coincidence of circumstances? The answer is evident- definitely not. The activity of Russian spy services, which one way or another try to enforce anti-Ukrainian spirits inside European community promotes to aggravate the situation on the western borders of Ukraine especially on the eve of the fateful for Ukraine decision of providing it with visa free statute.

The methods of the Russian spy agencies give the reasons to believe, that the power of the RF continues to use the wide range of the hybrid war arsenal including the terror in all its manifestations.

First: Constantly and purposefully part of Ukrainian society is being imposed through religious communities, but in fact the church parishes of the UOC of MP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow patriarchy) the opinion on the Illicit and inhumane activity of the current power as to the actual population, which is made to kill the persons of one faith under the slogan of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) conducting. The activity of the “schismatic” UOC of KP (Kyiv patriarchy) which does not wish to unite into the only one UPC under the hegemony of MP as bigger in the numerical strength functioning in Ukraine church confession is qualified as the illicit too.

Second: The destruction of the important in the defensive meaning military objects by the way of the diversions’ carrying out and the accusations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine servicemen on the improper performance of service obligations. The purpose of discrediting power and special agencies in the eyes of Ukrainian society is being persecuted in this context.

Third: The intimidation of the RF power representatives, who more often wish to leave the country after “rolling” of Russia to the dictatorship, takes place. The bright examples can be “sudden deaths” of the former Permanent Representative of the RF in the UNO  Churkin, and number of former high officials from the power block of the government, who were involved in the annexation of the Crimea  and the starting of the military actions in Donbas, “Polonium Scandal” in Great Britain, etc. The most recent in this line is the assassination attempt on the ex member of the State duma of RF Denis Voronenkov.  The action hold in Kyiv should testify about: a) inevitability of the punishment of the “backsliders”; b) inability of the Ukrainian security services to carry out their functions effectively.

Fourth:  The breaking up of the national enmity on the historic ground between Ukraine and Poland in the way of commitment of the vandalism facts as to the monuments to the dead from both sides, carrying out of the doubtful in its matter protest actions and, in the long run, destruction of polish state buildings in Ukraine through their bombardment is being continued. Difference here is, the representatives of polish minority but not Russian speaking population need nowadays defense from “fascists and national Bandera supporters”

Unfortunately, not all personnel’s of the Western politician realize the fact, that starting from 2014 Ukraine got out under total Kremlin pressure, that is trying to make the process of the European integration impossible, leaving it under its “guardianship” inducing the Ukrainian power “to accommodate the interests”  of the RF, when adopting important state decisions. However, in the event of, at least, partly integration of Kyiv into European economic and political community Moscow will be forced to change its tactics as to Ukraine, primarily because of inaccessibility of its main purpose – to suspend for uncertain terms the problem of providing Ukraine with visa free statute.

One of the important elements of the struggle against Kremlin’s   external aggression, including its spy services’ activity at the “Ukrainian” And “Polish” directions should be considered the strengthening  of the anti-imperial (directed against the Kremlin princes) rhetoric in both countries. At the same time it is necessary to rely on the events of the newest history whereas Poland just as much as Ukraine have suffered considerable harassment from  the RF, which in most cases are caused by insolvency of the today’s Moscow pool to abandon the archaic  neo-imperial ideology in the modern geopolitical realities.

Herewith, it will not be overwhelmed to remind both Poles and the world’s community about far controversial role of the RF in the catastrophe of the “Board № 1” by Smolensk on April 10. 2010, facts of the constant Russia’s intervention into the relations between Ukraine and Poland, the Kremlin support of the radical political forces in the RP with the aim of the anti-Ukrainian spirits’ strengthening both particularly inside Poland and in the EU in general, etc.

Awareness of the need to defend themselves from “external” threats on the part of    Moscow shall give Poland and Ukraine chance to endure, preserve their rights and freedoms, national originality, and to ensure their rightful place in the world politics. Poland and Ukraine had been and continue to be hostages of the Kremlin policies, first of all because of their geographical location, historic circumstances, which either way were being interlaced with the history of Russia, unfortunately, in most cases in a negative context for Poles and Ukrainians.

Taking into account the aforementioned circumstances, only consolidated approach of the countries, good neighborliness and partnership between Poles and Ukrainians is the breakwater about which unfriendly intentions of the northern neighbor, which endeavors in all available ways to exacerbate Polish-Ukrainian relationship, will be broken up. Both Warsaw and Kyiv have to make the most of the effort to level the consequences of Putin’s Russia politics, which realizes in the 21 century its own priorities by the standards of Stalin times.

And, of course, the murder of the former deputy of State duma of the RF Denis Voronenkov in Kyiv as the act of revenge and intimidation by  Putin  all those of his “staff”, who wish to leave Russia, and to testify to international  investigative bodies against Russian leader regime. The death of  D.Voronenkov  is the demonstrative political reprisal against those politicians, who see in Putin the national threat for Russian Federation, and no one has doubts as to this fact. However, not all still realize, that by this or similar actions, the KREMLIN consolidates merely the international community in the conviction as to the necessity to maintain and to enhance political and economic pressure on Russia as the country, where the democratic values, rights and freedoms of its citizens, justice, freedom of speech and other aspects, without which in fact free state (nation), in the broad sense of the word, can not exist .

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